Book Review: The Blue Rabbit – by Joyce Job

Book Blurb:

51 poems spread over 3 sections: People, Love and Search.


Two Lives

Craving to write a simple “love” or “mirage”
in a piece of code.
Typing out of a desire
then deleting out of necessity;
“aroma” or “drizzle” or “rainbows”.
In an infinite maze of “ifs” and “elses”
I stand broken, my emotions wrecked.

Poetry lost in logical dilemmas,
stories buried in broken thoughts,
characters strangled to meet deadlines,
plots caught in the catastrophes of demands.
Here I am a lost writer,
writing programs for a living.

The same 26 letters of the English alphabet,
plus some numbers and symbols –
the narrow strait connecting
my two lives.


I have always been critical of poem collections by newer poets. I guess, I tend to compare them with the greatest of poems that I have admired since childhood. Having said that, I consciously try to avoid this too. Poems are extension of feelings that came and went, they are expression of something we strongly feel about; and sometimes, a moment that was mundane yet touched a part of us in a certain way. I live on poems, I express through poems and I don’t know what I’ll do without them.

The Blue Rabbit is a collection of 51 short poems that are intricately bound together in a beautiful book. The poems are short, crisp and full of life. There are a range of poems that emote and express feelings in a magical way.

I have always believed that when a collection of poems has a rhythm, the book feels like a pearl necklace and so does this book. The poems are poignant and make you think, they affect you, for a shorter while.

It’s a short read and can be completed within one hour. Language is simple, writing flows and hence can be picked by beginners.

Book Information:

Pages: 100 (Hardcover)

Language: English

Genre: Poetry

My Rating: 4/5

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