Book Review: Name, Place, Animal, Thing: An Inspiring Fable for Grown-Ups about Hope, Positivity, and Living your Best Life – by Lux Narayan

Book Blurb:

“So…What do you do?”
It’s a question we’ve all answered, not too well. Don’t you wish you had a better answer than your job?

Join Kai’s life-changing journey in this modern fable by entrepreneur, stand-up comedian, and TED Speaker Lux Narayan.

Soul-searching at that all-too-familiar crossroads in life and career, Kai learns to outgrow an impending sense of personal crisis when a series of eye-opening encounters reveal the building blocks of a fuller life. Interestingly, they are all rooted in a game from Kai’s childhood: Name, Place, Animal, Thing.

This practical and immediately usable wisdom for a life lived beautifully comes together into a one page visual: a do-it-yourself blueprint for reigniting a life of curiosity, humility, and empathy. Finally, everything manifests magically in a picture that’s certainly worth more than a thousand words.


Honestly, Self-help books aren’t my thing. They become too preachy and I end up losing interest. But, this book was quite gripping. This is one of those books, which has blended fiction really well within the Self-help genre. The concepts are thought provoking yet enjoyable and that makes this book different from others.

Yes, this is yet another of those Self-help books that teach us all those self improving ideas, but it does try to stand out with the way the concepts are presented. Lux has used diagrams, charts and drawings to make it more relatable and easy to read. I do feel, the style adopted in the book is quite innovative and intriguing. The ideas discussed through a fable in the book, are less abstract and more practical.

I really liked that, Lux at no point pretended to provide definite answer and instead focused on how to arrive at it. The book is full of small anecdotes and modern life lessons; the underlying humour makes it quite a delightful read.

This book is simple, easy-to-read and refreshing. It makes you go down the memory lane when the Author acknowledges the Title of the book; the game we used to play in school, “Name, Place, Animal and Thing”. Overall, NPAT can be read in one sitting and the concepts will stay with you for long.

Book Information:

Pages: 206 (Paperback)

Language: English

Genre: Self-Help

My Rating: 3.5/5

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