Book Review: Girl A – by Abigail Dean

Book Blurb:

Abigail Dean’s GIRL A, narrated by a successful lawyer living in New York who is better known to the public as Girl A, the one who escaped from a childhood of abuse at the hands of religious fanatic parents, freeing her six siblings — when her mother dies in prison and leaves her and her siblings the family home, she can’t run from her past any longer, to Laura Tisdel at Viking, in a major deal, in a seven-figure deal, at auction, by Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency on behalf of Juliet Mushens (NA), and to Julia Wisdom at Harper Fiction, with Phoebe Morgan editing, in a major deal, at auction, in a two-book deal, for publication in spring 2021. 


Girl A is an immensely gripping debut by Abigail. The book makes you feel uneasy from the very beginning and it seems almost unapologetic about it.

Alexandra Gracie aka Girl A is a successful New York based lawyer who had once escaped her house at the age of 15. ‘House of Horrors’ as she would often refer, where she suffered abuse and neglect along with her other siblings. The childhood trauma which still somehow tags along and shapes the present, brings out heartbreaking narrative.

The narration is multi-layered and descriptive. It delves deeper into the psychology of child abuse and how the survivor stories are often portrayed. The characters in the book are well rounded and with each contributing to the storyline. The book is dark and you can feel the eerie undertone almost all the time. The book is unflinchingly raw and gritty, which makes it seem honest.

I loved the flow of the book, it ran back and forth quite freely and never did it feel fragmented. It gave an edge to the already fascinating read. The undaunting characterisation of Lex, brought life in the book. Her hidden issues with her siblings covered up with a mask of independence and success felt real. The twist in the book is well written and addresses our longing for a happily ever after, which in reality is a far fetched dream for people who have gone through such trauma at young age.

If you appreciate character driven novels, then this is the book for you. It is nuanced and quite engaging.

Book Information:

Pages: 327 (Paperback)

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

My Rating: 4/5

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