Book Review: The Missing City – by Srishti Rathour

Book Blurb:

“Oh, this is so unbelievable!” Rahel exclaimed, looking up, “You say there is an entire city up there.”

“It was there,” Freya said, “Now, it has gone missing.”

Sumi Solanki is an introverted bibliophile while her best friend, Rahel Ouseph, is a party animal and somewhat shares Sumi’s love for books. Their simple life turns into a roller coaster ride when they are trusted with the biggest secret of the century; up above in the skies, exists a divine city, residents of which, known as Guardians, have been protecting mankind since ages. When the Guardian city vanishes, and evil shadows begin to lurk the earth, the two girls are chosen by an ominous Mirror to set things right. Intrigued by the history of Guardians and a mind-boggling prophecy, Sumi and Rahel are pulled into a world of indifferent virtues, binding magic, and strictly forbidden love. Will they be able to save their saviours? Or has the Mirror been lying all along? Find out in this epic tale of brave choices and sacrifices.


I am sucker for Fantasy fiction genre and always keep looking for one after the other. This book, “The Missing City” does not disappoint and gives you ample space to imagine and delve more into the story.

The Author, Srishti takes you on an adventure filled journey of two friends, Sumi who is an introverted avid reader and Rahel, who loves to go out and party (Of course, I had an instant affinity towards Sumi, as we share the same love for books). Their lives turn upside down when the secret of missing Guardian city is revealed in front of them and they are pulled into the mess to make things right. The characters are well rounded and part of a captivating plotline. This book has elements of magic, betrayal, prophecies, good vs evil, love and righteousness.

The book is fast paced with a lot of twists and turns, it keeps you engaged at almost all times. It is one of those reads that does not take an effort. It is light and entertaining. The writing flows well and you feel connected with the narration. Some chapters of the book are so larger than life that they feel cinematic. I particularly liked the ending of the book.

Overall, this book can be a good ‘on the go read’ while travelling or commuting, as it will keep you entertained at all times. The simple narration makes it a good pick for beginners.

Book Information:

Pages: 295 (Paperback)

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction

My Rating: 3.5/5

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