Book Review: Starmics – by Utsav Bhatt

I got the opportunity to read the Preview copy of Starmics by Utsav Bhatt. Here is my review of the same:

I was instantly intrigued by the concept, when I first heard it. Story of an entrepreneur in a comic format; this seemed like a perfect way to learn something new in a short time without losing attention. It’s a short read about Oyo founder, Ritesh Agarwal. His journey through ups and downs to make his dream come true.

What I loved about the comic:

a) The short and crisp anecdotes.
b) The flow of the comic, along with the graphics.
c) The parts in which the comic is divided like Background, Realisation, Problem, Struggle and Success.
d) The business strategy and models explained.

Utsav Bhatt has successfully created an educational comic that inspires and educates.

Please read below for further information:

Are you interested to read an educational comic that illustrates the life journey of successful entrepreneurs?

If yes, please support the Kickstarter campaign:

Starmics is designed for all those who are interested to read about the journey of successful entrepreneurs. The objective behind Starmics is to inspire pre-teenagers and teenagers who want to be entrepreneurs but might not have the right exposure, guidance, or mentorship in their formative years.

All those who pledge support will receive a digital copy of the first edition of Starmics that illustrates the journey of Ritesh Agarwal, founder of OYO Hotels & Homes.

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