Book Review: And…Perhaps Love – by Sanil Sachar

Book Blurb:

A new normal has replaced the established order. Distant relationships, virtual work, blurred futures and measuring our way back to this reality occupy us every day.

Negotiating these changes, Sanil Sachar’s And . . . Perhaps Love will work as your companion. It is a silent observer for when you want to read it, and a patient listener when you wish to communicate with it. Capturing the ideas of love, darkness and the attempt to find balance in life, this is a book for now and forever.


Disclaimer: I love poems and abstract small notes, write ups. They are so personal and give you a space to grow those ideas into stories, narratives and basically spin your own yarn. This book does exactly the same.

When I started reading this book, the Introduction instantly lured me in. Who starts an introduction by talking about Space?

Spaces. Found in between these pages that words couldn’t find. The conceptualization of this book mirrors how we all live. There are words linked to one another, with spaces filled from the first page to the end. We have all been through a time where we know too little and then we know too much. This stands true for everyone in the world, but there is an age when we are in between, and when we reach on the other side, we wish to unlearn and learn again. This bridge is well defined by the spaces. The home of unspoken words.

This book is more of a conversation between the Author and the Reader which easily translates as a conversation with self. It has everything in it, it has proses, it has poems, it is full of quotes that talk directly from heart; and probably why it is named – And… Perhaps Love.

The writings are divided into a few categories like – Muse, Recap, Demolition, Exploration, Recovery and finally Awakening. Each category has a unique taste and that makes it different from the rest. All these categories are rightly balanced and are individual gems that make a beautiful necklace; this book.

"Strings attached to the loose ends of a part,    
That sways like a pendulum the moment of a voice
On an excursion of what could be,
There's a moment of madness in this therapy.

Let it flow,
Let it bleed.
A jugular vein impatient to be free,
A volcanic eruption raring to see,
                          The reaction to an inevitable act of destiny. "                                                                                                                                                                       

What I liked about the book is, it can be read from any given page and it will be equally impactful, yet there is an underlying sequence to the poems and short notes. This book is about sensitivity and compassion. A book that will make you think and relax simultaneously.

What I liked about the book can also seem a little off putting for some who like properly constructed narratives and flow. As I said earlier, it is book full of poems, short notes and one liners; but they do have an underlying connect. They do have a flow, a flow that is life like with meanings beheld in it. It is an easy read and can be read anywhere in no time. I would recommend this book.

Book Information:

Pages: 256 (Paperback)

Language: English

Genre: Poetry, Contemporary

My Rating: 3.5/5

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