Book Review: Unlocking The Lockdown Stories – by Juhi Jaisinghani

Book Blurb:

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is what the author Juhi Jaisinghani believes in. When everybody is talking about the uncertainties happening during the lockdown 2020, she tries to show you another side of it.

A software engineer losing his job with no clue about his passion, a couple trying to revamp their almost broken marriage, a police officer on the verge of forgetting his old dream, a girl cheated on by the love of her life still looking out for love, a couple about to get married with everything planned, an orphan guy desiring solace, a girl waiting for her childhood sweetheart, a high-profile journalist considering love for granted, an airhostess in hope of the biggest opportunity of her life, a struggling actor almost always making the wrong choices and regretting about it―life indeed gave them lemons they would be able to make lemonade of, or they would give up against time.”


When I saw the cover of book, I was intrigued. The idea of bringing positivity in the times like this, made me feel all things nice. The world is going through a Pandemic and there is not much zeal left among the people at large. Lives have become monotonous and are contained inside those few rooms. Home, that we always wanted to come back to; it’s almost ironical.

I love reading short stories, they have a captivating quality and can bend anywhere, without prior notice. What is required from a riveting story, you ask? Good narration, well structured storyline and worthy characters. A good short story stays much longer with us than a few hundred plus pager novel.

The stories in this book are things you see everyday, the characters are people you meet often. A similar theme that binds all of these stories, is the lockdown turning point. We often take our freedom and people around us for granted and Juhi has effectively tried to encapsulate the essence of the same.

I liked the overall messages, Juhi has served the reader on platter. Each story is different from another yet holds the message of love, care and positivity. The concept of this book is pure and it shows.

There are few things which could have been better. The writing is simple and overtly so. Narration is not very engaging and stories are not enticing enough. However, the heart of the book is in the right place. If you are looking for something elementary without enough time, you can pick this up and finish in no time.

Book Information:

Pages: 88 (Kindle version)

Language: English

Genre: Contemporary, Short stories

My Rating: 3/5

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