Book Review: The Four Colors-by Ankur

Book Blurb:

The fifty-odd poems in this collection all reflect the different hues of life as well as different stages of growth of a person. The poems find themselves divided naturally into four sections: Green (birth), Yellow (disillusion), Purple (rebirth), and Red (self-realization). The irrepressible current of life, in its various manifestations, runs through them all.


Disclaimer: I am a sucker for good poetry. I read more poetry because of the inherent complexity and variety, it brings; a good poem is almost unparalleled. As a person who has grown up listening to old hindi film music, a sense of poetry dawns upon without an effort. We all have learned Frost, Neruda, Keats, Wordsworth, Yeats, Auden in our school days and their poems stuck with me for the longest of time. I must confess, I love the classics; whether it is Auden to Harivansh Rai or Faiz to Sylvia Plath, the poetry has always mesmerised me beyond words.

Coming to the book, Ankur has divided the poems into four colors; Green, Yellow, Purple and Red. I am delighted to say the categorisation works wonders, the poetry fits pretty well into these colours. It is a short collection of poems which can be completed in a matter of no time; and I say so because you would want to finish them off in a go.

I particularly liked the language flow and the choice of words. Without stereotyping, it is rare to find Indian poets (or so I know) writing in English with such vibrant vocabulary. The flow of the poems is lucid and gentle. I liked the style of the poet as the writing does not force words or ideas upon you. You can take your time and enjoy the vivid feel of the poem.

Four plums I shall dream of, a good and even number
that can be divided
the fog and winter’s hands shall taste them first

Each colour has a meaning beheld in it and the poems grouped are extensions that reach out to the reader in a gentle yet gripping manner.

From where do you peep, O cloud?
Men are asleep, like a cotton field,
were you to descend in a crash of fire,
untouched will they be, for nothing have they to give you

What I loved about Ankur’s poetry is, that it understands. It understands and acknowledges the differences in which people interpret words and stanzas. As I said before, the ideas are not imposing; they grow onto you slowly and gradually. With each passing poem, you get more relaxed and take more time to read the next. His poems have an underlying philosophy which you can decipher after reading the whole book.

There are a number of favourites in the book and I have re-read them a few times. The subtle effect certain words have on you, is bliss. Each poem is a mood in itself. I would definitely recommend this collection to all those who like poetry in general and to those who like to think, appreciate and understand another perspective.

Sometimes I see sewn clouds
floating chained in the firmament
not knowing if they ought to break loose
give scattered showers with gaping holes in between,
or make a storm that spares no life
except a poet’s lonely words
burst forth in outraged self-absorption.

Book Information:

Pages: 88 (Paperback)

Language: English

Genre: Poetry

My Rating: 4/5

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