Book Review: The Chimera Retribution-by Abhinav Singh

Book Blurb:

What if, the entire human race were a means to an end? What if, our existence is an outcome of experimentation and intervention, that went on for millennia? What if, our governments know about it and they are playing with human lives? What if, there are elements of control, hidden deep within our genes, that humans can never unlock to reach their full potential?
An ongoing clandestine archaeological expedition, near the Kailasa temple, Ellora, is attacked. All participants killed, except one – A twenty one year old girl, named Vishakha Dutta.
She comes to realize that it’s not just the bad guys, but the Indian Intelligence, the SETI and the CIA are after her and she doesn’t know why. How much time does she have before her luck runs out?
She has no other choice, but to run for her life.
But running isn’t just enough when the entire state of Maharashtra or maybe even the whole country, is about to implode in a civil war.
Time is running out and encoded deep inside of her, is the key to all answers.


The Chimera Retribution is written by author, Abhinav Singh. The story is covered in 34 chapters but it does not take too long to pick up the thrill. The story is full of suspense and starts with the protagonist, Vishakha Dutta who is being chased for some unknown and very strange reasons. The plot is set in Maharashtra and has a strong connection with the ancient temples within the state.

The story is intriguing and keeps you hooked throughout. Every chapter of the book justifies the plot, giving you a sense of fulfillment. The Author’s knowledge and take on science and religion is fascinating and keeps you engrossed into the story. It has a good narrative style and plot twists keep you up with every chapter. I liked how the suspense never dropped throughout the book.

I also liked the characterisation of Vishakha with her innate braveness. The book has a lot of characters which are more or less well rounded. This book is fast paced, even though it is 441 pages long. The author has developed the story, visually; hence it makes you imagine everything written and the events feel movie like. The language is simple and makes the book more accessible to wider readership.

This book keeps you engrossed at all times. I wish the characters of the book had more arc and detailed complexities. The plot is event driven and hence makes the climax come out and leave an impact. All in all, it is a good read and will keep you up with the story. If thriller is your genre then go grab the book.

Book Information:

Pages: 441 (kindle edition)

Language: English

Genre: Fiction, Thriller

My Rating: 4/5

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