Book Review: Aham-by Saurabh Thakur

Book Blurb:

Revenge, hate and justice often get entangled with each other, and in the process, what is right often gets confusing. And that forms the crux of Aham, where the lives of a demon princess, Vaanee and a Rekhyt warrior, Rwiju are set to collide with each other.
But does one being right mean that the other is wrong? It is an answer that they must find within themselves, before the three worlds collide in a war that will change the fates of all.


Mythological fiction as a genre has always fascinated me. Why I say that? Since the very beginning of my reading days, my parents would buy interesting mythological books, comics and I would sit and read till the last word.

Aham is the first part of the Trilogy. It is a book that depicts origin of the world by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The plot revolves around Rekhyts at war with demons, djinns and daayans (good vs evil). Rekhyts is a clan created to safeguard humans from demons. It portrays spirits, spells, magic and wars. A past that has a cascading effect on the present and how two clans are affected. It is a story of thrill, adventure and action.

The book has a fast paced story that keeps you vigilant with an intriguing plot that is highly engrossing. Even though the world is unreal, the characters are relatable due their inherent flaws. There is enough meat in portrayal of the secondary characters as well. The narration is crisp and makes you visualise the world depicted in the story. Overall, it has a strong narrative style which is distinct and tasteful.

Language of the book is easy and that makes it available for a wider readership. Aham is a delight for the fans of fantasy/mythological fiction/thriller genre. Though the book doesn’t give a closure as it being the first part of trilogy, still it is quite wholesome. I hope and wish the remaining parts are as enthralling as this one. The cover of the book can be better.

I would definitely recommend this book.

Book Information:

Pages: 199

Language: English

Genre: Mythological Fiction, Thriller

My Rating: 4/5

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