Book Review: Dalal’s Street-by Anurag Tripathi

Book Blurb:

A group of young Indian business school graduates are attracted to jobs in a high paying trading company. This batch of hardworking, intelligent and ambitious friends is focused on success in the fast paced, hyper competitive world of stockbroking where greed, use of cunning and wealth are the stepping stones to survival and success,. The survivors are the winners.

A satirical thriller of dark humour in which superfast action to tip the scales of finance and fortunes to one’s favour and achieve quick wins are the order of the day, Dalal’s Street explores the complex interplay of human relationships and etches out the rise of the protagonist through a test by fire.


Dalal’s Street is a gripping story which is set in the backdrop of Stock market. What caught my attention, except for the storyline was the choice of Red and black on the cover. It gave an essence of volatility, frauds and competitiveness, some of things we associate with the Stock markets.

The book is a financial thriller in all the sense. We haven’t had many financial thrillers in India and that intrigued me. It is written by Anurag Tripathi and this being his second book, is quite impressive.

I particularly liked the World of stock markets portrayed in this book. The constant tussle, confusions, betrayals and frauds gave a dimension to the storyline. The nuances of stocks and the business world added authenticity, at same time keeping it simple and likable.

The power of money and how it influences the greatest of minds, leading to manipulations and window dressing has been incorporated well. Despite it talking about the stocks and financial markets which can be boring for some people, it manages to grip you with the other human aspects of love, lust, betrayal.

It is a fast paced story which keeps you involved almost all the time but I think the Author could have given more substance to the supporting characters. The book became about the two central characters and sidelined the others. The twist in the end is worth the read and makes you question a lot of things. I also felt, Author could have avoided a few nitty gritties and technicalities to make the book for much wider readership.

Overall, the book is informative and has an interesting narrative. The glossary given in the end is a bonus. It is fast paced and will keep you hooked even if you know little about the stock markets.

Book Information:

Pages: 212

Language: English

Genre: Fiction, Financial Thriller

My Rating: 3.5/5

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