Book Review: The Camphor Of Night -by Samir Satam

Book Blurb:

This day, Today, when looked at from the window of Future; Wouldn’t it seem golden?

But today it feels like just another day. Why does all this preciousness have to pass to be seen? Why can’t it get its due while it lives?

Unfortunately that’s the way it has always been.

The Future seems to hold a certain value for The Past.

But The Present seems to be like an unfinished coin. It’s still incomplete to derive any worth.

The poems in this collection ‘The Camphor Of Night’ are little things stolen from life which found their way to a treasury box in which they lay locked for years until these stolen things developed a life of their own and hence they need to be set free, because now is their time to breathe.


I am struggling to find right words that can describe this book; probably because I could really feel the emotions behind it. It is always difficult to write the review of a book full of poems since poems can either make you their own or leave you with disdain.

‘The Camphor of Night’ is a beautiful collection of short poems that relate in the most subtle way possible. Sometimes, you do not need those heavy words of wisdom or the dose of self righteousness to come out of a dark reality (I call it a dark reality because it is important to understand and accept what surrounds you); a simple way of writing down your emotions can do wonders like no other. This collection of poems feels the same.

Like a traveller’s soul stuck in a latched room,

I gasp for breath in clutch of distance’s gloom,

Oh Air… Go… Tease my beloved’s hair,

For I am far and she is dour…

Lets address the elephant in the room; poems can go horribly wrong when you try too hard, when you try to force out emotions or when you simply write to impress (like most of the people on social media do).

I am glad to say that this book is everything but a facade. It will take you deep within but with a sense of care and an inherent gentleness. I think the poems are made with love and nourished with a lot of sensibility before they were put out for us to read.

The book is divided in broad categories like: Blues, The language of Love, Drifting Souls, Waiting Room, Individualism, Harsh realities, Cityscapes, Unaccustomed, Music and Nomads. Each category has several poems that identify very well with them. The poems have a simple flow, they give out neither too little nor too much and hence they seem authentic.

Samir Satam has done a wonderful job at writing these poems down and arranging them too. His poems are simple and easy to understand but they hold in a lot of emotions. Poems are short and crisp and hence can be read in a very small amount of time. If you are new to poetry, it is  good book to start and fall in love with its form.

Book Information:

Pages: 119

Language: English

Genre: Poetry

My Rating: 4/5


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