Book Review: The Unprodigal -by Manu Dhawan

Book Blurb:

From the heart of modern India comes a story of fathers and sons. Aryan, the genius, dashing
and now-failed son of the country’s richest and most powerful scion, finds himself chugging into
danger on a desert train to nowhere.
It has been months since the only person he loved and cherished, his grandfather Aryaman, has
died under mysterious circumstances, and Aryan has given his all to unearth the truth. Yet he
seems to have fallen short, for the conspiracy he had gotten wind of is not only closer but bigger than what he had imagined.
But in the darkest hour before dawn, in a hopeless place and amongst strangers, the truth awaits Aryan. He will have to make the longest journey of his life—both inside and out—for it. He will have to stitch together pieces of his early life—his struggles, loves, victories, regrets, faith and the values given to him by his grandfather—to fight against the mightiest.
Will Aryan find the true courage for a final stand? Will the son become the father? Or will the
truth make him…The Unprodigal.


Let us start by saying that after a long long time, I was finally satisfied with the writing of a debut Indian author. So, here it is, out of my system and now we can analyse the book.

Also, I am doing a conventional review of this book because I so want to. Please bear with me, it will be easy to understand and give you a better perspective:

  1. Plot

Son of a rich businessman, Aryan is about to cross the border in a train with hostile looking people; unknowingly and seemingly in a drugged condition. He is escaping from his past, running away from his father, Yash who is one of the two sons of Aryaman (a freedom fighter and minister). 

The story-line is interesting,  catchy and stays on. It deals with numerous aspects that corrupt the minds of people-greed, ambition, money, jealousy etc. This book takes you through broken promises and uncomfortable truths. It’s a saga of three generations and their intertwined lives that reveal themselves in a series of consequences.

2. Characters

Strong characters define the story and grip the readers so well that they become relatable and real. Powerful fathers and dissenting sons make one hell of a combination. All the characters are properly etched out and have due course in the story. The Unprodigal can be a associated with any of these characters as you progress through.

3. Writing

The style is almost flawless and of an international standard ( I say this with pride). The choice of words and the flow of sentences do not for once feel forced. I was most  impressed by the writing style of this book. Manu Dhawan has done an incredible job at writing.

4. What I thought could be better?

I would have loved a little more detailing to some of the important situations in the story. Also, I found the timeline, a little inconsistent with the flow of the story.

5. Why you should read it?

It’s a Suspense thriller and rightly so. The story is good and writing even better. Anyone can pick this book and get entertained. This book surely has a mass appeal and that should lure you in. Go, grab your copies!

Book Information:

Pages: 216

Language: English

Genre: Suspense Thriller (Fiction)

My Rating: 4/5


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