Book Review: Heartquake -by K. Vijayakarthikeyan

Book Blurb:

An IAS officer’s tale of survival against all odds.

Once upon a time there was a city plagued by greed, corruption and mysterious deaths…

A patriotic IAS officer, Vikram, decides to expose a corrupt and powerful minister, Rudra Pratap Rana (aka RPR), during the latter’s visit to the IAS training academy. The video of Vikram asking the minister some highly embarrassing questions in front of a packed auditorium goes viral.

Instead of having Vikram suspended from service, a vengeful RPR unleashes violence on the officer’s family, and to continue the torture, RPR gets Vikram posted as the sub-divisional magistrate in Laxmipur—the politician’s backyard.

As soon as Vikram joins duty, RPR resumes his vengeance. However, a new drama unfolds when a large number of people start dying of heart attacks across Laxmipur. As Vikram tries to unravel these mysterious deaths with the help of Veda, a cardiologist, and Raghu, a police officer, extreme panic grips the city, which soon leads to riots and pandemonium. Vikram is left with no other choice but to risk his life to get to the bottom of this mind-numbing situation.

Join Vikram in this fast-paced thriller as he fights to save Laxmipur from HEARTQUAKE


Heartquake came as a surprise to me, mainly because of its fast pace and unsubtle ways of establishing a point. The book can be put in the genre of suspense thriller. Supervillain-check, Incorruptible Hero-check, side track romance-check; I think this book has greater potential to become a full blockbuster ‘masala’ movie.

Coming to the plot, the Author has blended reality very well with the fictional encounter. The Author is himself an IAS officer hence there is a greater depth in some of the sub plots which deal with administration and working. The whole story is tightly woven around politics, bureaucracy and medicine. If you ask me, the book functions on one motto, “Satyamev Jayate” (Truth alone triumphs) and hence becomes an integral part of the storyline.

Though the book has pretty cliched characters.

Supervillian RPR, a corrupt politician who is an egoist, full of vengeance and flamboyance.

Hero Vikram, an incorruptible IAS officer who is determined, fair and righteous.

Veda, a hardworking doctor by profession and love of the life of Vikram.

There are multiple other characters who are important to the story who fill the puzzling suspense very well.

I had a few issues with the book though; regarding banal characters, avoidable romantic angle and the final suspense. Still, the book kept me hooked, as I wanted to read more and know what happens in the last.

Overall, the book is fast paced and the story is short (I completed the book in one sitting of around 1.5 hours). It is a good light read for people who want to immediately get sucked into a story-line. The book is entertaining and keeps you hooked to the plot till end. I will recommend this book for beginners or those who like short books with maximum enjoyment.

Book Information:

Pages: 160

Language: English

Genre: Suspense Thriller (Fiction)

My Rating: 3.5/5


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