Book Review: Alumni of the Year -by Tomson Robert

Book Blurb:

Experience Dave’s journey.

Dave is ambitious, has a demanding boss, and is struggling to balance work and life, especially the relationship with his five-year-old daughter. Dave cherishes the memories of his school days. However, due to an incident from the past, he hardly keeps in touch with his best friends.

When Dave learns that his arch-rival from school is nominated for the prestigious Alumni of the Year Competition, he buys his way into the nomination by donating to the school library.

Travel on a life-changing journey with Dave—from Dubai, to Goa, to Kochi—as he goes for the School Reunion function. See how he confronts his past, his ambitions, his fears, and discovers about what truly matters in life.


The book literally starts with the chapter “In Another Universe”, if this is not a great beginning then I don’t know what is. The first chapter in itself seemed like the climax of story; fast, full of surprises and emotional drama. You must be wondering, why I started to directly right about this chapter and not the whole book; well it was not only gripping but a unique way to start a book (can’t blame me on this fact).

Tomson Robert turned out to be quite a storyteller in this book. From the eyes of Dave, we saw almost the whole of corporate culture, the presentations, the pitches and those fearful jealousies. It is about how his ambitions comes in between the personal life making his family more and more dysfunctional. He not only gives his entire time to work but also knows how to get what; he buys in a chance to win ‘Alumni of the Year’ at school, back at home, just because he did not want his old friend turned foe to win.

‘Alumni of the Year’ is a book about second chances, about mending ways, about coming back to family and not getting consumed by the corporate greed. Story is simple with ordinary characters who you see, talk everyday but this simplicity weaves together an epic drama of love, friendship, childhood, deceit, jealousy and family.

This book is turned into a story which is light as well as fast paced to read. It is short, crisp and can be read without an effort. The plot seems apt for it to be turned into a movie from the very beginning. I liked the character developed by the author and narration of the book.

The story isn’t unique and happenings in the book seem ordinary until towards the end. As it is a short read, it can be completed within 3 hours of a single sitting. I would recommend this book for beginners as the language is easy and narration follows a single path. Though, I hope to see a better edited book in upcoming edition of the same.

Book Information:

Pages: 156

Language: English

Genre: (Drama) Fiction

My Rating: 3/5


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