Book Review: The Secret Of The Palamu Fort -by Razi

Book Blurb:

Someone has risen from the dead and is haunting the sinister ruins of the Palamu Fort, situated in the mystical land of Jharkhand.

A few hundred kilometers from the fort, in the capital city Ranchi, a History Professor of St. Xavier’s college is murdered at his home. The witnesses claim he was killed by a ghost!

The police is clueless. Inspector Patrick Minj ropes in Detective Robin Horo, who unearths a clue which indicates that the murder has a bloody trail running as far as 350 years in the history of Jharkhand. A poisonous conspiracy was plotted centuries ago in the Kingdom of Palamu that designed the downfall of an empire and forced the king to hide his legacy in the unforgiving and indifferent womb of time.

The ghost is leaving behind a trail of dead bodies and to solve the case Robin has nothing but an Artifact that is said to have an ancient curse over it and a centuries old riddle that if solved, could lead to an Elixir.

Witness the conspiracy unfolding that spans 350 years in the making and takes Robin and his companions on a labyrinthine adventure involving deadly secrets, dangerous threats and a lethal encounter with a beast in the jungles of Palamu.


I must give a disclaimer beforehand, I absolutely love to read mythological fiction which gives a thriller vibe.

This debut novel of Razi is not only intriguing but fascinating at the same time. When I read the title, I googled ‘Palamu’ and was pleasantly surprised to find actual forts with the same name. While reading the book, I kept browsing about the myths and folklore surrounding the forts and I must say, I liked how everything was properly placed.

Making a fictional story out of an already existing legend seems like a great idea which if not dealt properly can become very tricky. The book is a modern detective fiction with only a tinge of mythology to back the story. The language was simple and can be read by almost anyone.

“Someone has risen from the dead” was taken quite literally in the book and introduced in the very first chapter; this laid the foundation to an upcoming ride of the reader on a roller-coaster like scenario. The two different time lines provided an added layer to the overall story telling. The characters in the book are very distinct which set the right tone of humour at specific times.

Without going in the details of the story which the blurb already familiarises, the story had an impressive plot and writing had a good sense of flow. The language is simple with use of certain Indian words. The book definitely kept me interested till the climax.

The book did become a little dragged towards the end, even when it seemed to be a fast paced story. I also wished, certain characters in the book were less teacher-like, so that the information could have flown in a better form. But given the fact that it is a debut novel, we can easily overlook above mentioned points.

If you are looking for a light read and still want to get fascinated with the thriller format, you can pick this book. The simple language of the book also makes it easy for the first time readers and beginners. This book is a job well done.

Book Information:

Pages: 261

Language: English

Genre: (Thriller) Fiction

My Rating: 3.5/5


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