Book Review: Ivory Gleam -by Dr Priya Dolma Tamang


Seeking solace in shadows of strangers in the hope that some unknown refuge will reward my soul of the bright familiarity my known obvious could never bestow.

Ivory Gleam, humm.. where to start? I do not want to go the traditional way of reviewing a book for this particular one, why? Because, this poetry and prose book is nothing less than a bliss.

Till the time this book reached me, the Poet Priya Dolma Tamang had already made me a fan of her. She is wonderful, energetic and talented; but that’s something you’ll know if you follow her on social media (it’s out there). Being a fireball of energy comes from a deep rooted sense of authenticity and a clear conscience. She is not only a wonderful writer/ poet but Doctor by profession and a daredevil at heart. She is courageous, and her poetry reflects her strength of emotions.

Coming back to the book, the collection of her poems range from love, loss, longing, life, death etc. The book is a medley of sugar, spice and everything nice (ahem..without a drop of chemical x). It covers a range of emotions and how beautifully so.

growing old with you

When all was said and done, and the birds flew home, for Siberia didn’t seem so abstract anymore.

Honestly, I read a lot of poems, I have always been fascinated with poems more than long write ups. Poems hide an ocean inside and yet sometimes, convey the most typical things with such an ease. As difficult it is to construct that idea in your head, it is even more arduous to put that idea in words; without missing the essence at all. The most important thing to write a poem is the authentic, ‘true to your self’ idea; which according to me, most of the poets forget. I do not read poetry, I consume poetry, I thrive on poetry and when I see a farrago (yes, I used that word) of big fancy words tied to a weak, almost non existent idea, the poem never works. A poem without its soul, is a city without its people; hollow and lifeless.

I am utterly happy that I found this book of poems, which has a beautiful soul and heart of gold. While reading, the reader will understand each and every emotion as if it was his/her own. That is the power of a good writing, it makes you feel and believe.

So, without a further ado, grab your copies of this wonderful book of poems. The poems are short and crisp, they engage with you and allow you to think. Priya has done a marvellous job in her debut book.

Book Information:

Pages: 236

Language: English

Genre: Poetry and Prose

My Rating: 4/5


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