Book Review: The Light Catcher -by Sameer Chopra

Book Blurb:

In the vibrant metropolis of Delhi, a young man is embarking upon a path he has always loathed, a ‘highly sought after’ job at a financial corporation which, though seemingly conventional, carries with it a promise of better life.

Purab has got this position after his graduation, but nothing in his education has prepared him for how things work in the corporate world. The only saving grace in the office is beautiful Rati, one of his colleagues. While he adores her, she has her own reasons to seek his affection.

They inch closer amid a stifling work environment which affects them both. He finds solace in photography and it quickly becomes his passion. Rati however develops a boundless professional ambition. Will they endure this clash and be able to save their relationship or would it end in a heartbreak and start a journey of no returns?


A debut novel to cross 250 page mark, in itself is a milestone achieved. When most of the new writers shy away from writing long formats, it is also daunting to think of an idea that can lead you to that mark. Sameer Chopra has done a pretty good job in his debut novel.

The Light Catcher takes you on a fictional journey of Purab (the protagonist) and his life in corporate sector. The journey from a set paycheck to a profession that is highly unstable yet full of passion, photography; is highly relatable and aspirational. It’s also interesting to see the contrast between him and Rati; where she is the one who is made for a corporate job.

The narration is easy to understand and flows quite naturally, blending the two different timelines of the book quite effortlessly. The book several times touches upon how the plans often get disturbed and yet you have to keep moving forward, come what may. The storyline is realistic and characters are relatable too, best part of the book is that the events happening in the book can happen with anyone known.

It is a well written contemporary fiction incorporating all the elements of drama; it is aspirational as well as an inspiring read. It also has detailed technical tit bits for photographers that makes the book even more authentic.

The book cover does justice to the book and breaks down all the elements in great detail, until everything starts to make sense; even the title of the book.

I wish the book was less cliched to point of being predictable at certain climax points. But overall, it’s a good read for those who are in corporate job or who are wanting to read a corporate fiction novel to inspire them to new beginnings.

Book Information:

Pages: 308

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

My Rating: 3.5/5




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