Book Review: The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty -by Kavita Kané

As far as I remember the epic drama of ‘Mahabharat’; the first visual that crosses my mind is the desperation of King Shantanu for Queen Satyavati. Her insecurity for the throne and taking unjustifiable promise of following Brahmacharya (celibacy) from Bhishm. It always seemed a perfect setup for a saga written thousand of years ago.

The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty is a book by Kavita Kané, where she has taken a unique path to highlight the story of  Satyavati/Kali. It well captures the perilous journey of Matsygandha and how she chooses to manipulate people rest of her life to become the Queen and find her ways so forth. The story not only focuses on Satyavati but gives a detailed sketch of Bhishm’s character and widens you perspective on his choice of decisions. The story delves into the outright contradictions of each character and puts a spotlight on royal dilemma.

Kavita is a senior journalist and a renowned author of several books about the lesser known female mythological characters that got lost over a period of time. These are strong women who contributed significantly into the stories and had weighted opinions. She has done a commendable work in her recent release.

The narration of the book guides you into a grey area of emotions and behavior; at one side you would see a positive side of Satyavati and on the other hand, Bhishm struggling with his own ideals. It also brings lesser known characters like Uparichara Vasu, Amba etc who shape the projection of the story. The characters are raw and blunt, almost life like and that makes the reader believe in them. The narrative is simple and almost poem like, the writing flows in a manner that it feels like watching a dream.

It’s an enthralling book that will push you into the world of contradictions and perplexity. It will time and again force you to question the choices of characters and their psychology behind such actions. It will also leave you with a constant tussle in mind to love or hate Satyavati.

  All in all, it’s a good read for people interested in fiction mixed with mythology.

I received a copy of the book from Writersmelon in return of an honest review.


Book Information

Pages: 325

Language: English

Genre: Mythological Fiction

My Rating: 3.5/5

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