Book Review: 9 Chocolatey Bites -by Ananya V. Ganesh

“The whole world opened up to me when I learned to read”

Mary McCleod Bethune

A young girl, Ananya at the age of 10, managed to write a beautiful collection of short stories for children; this in itself seems awe-inspiring and intriguing enough to check out this book. However, the good part is yet to arrive. You open the book and read the stories one by one, completely mesmerised with the imagination and thought process of such a young child.

The book starts with a Forward, written by esteemed Kiran Bedi and continues a path of dreamy world and touches upon the magical aspirations of a brain that knows no limits. The short stories written by Ananya are not only immensely captivating but are inspirational and full of positivity.  They will certainly leave the young readers with an increased  morality and virtue.

Stories like, ‘A bowl of Happiness’, makes you realise the understanding level and depth of thoughts. ‘My Secret Scribes’, fasmiliarises with the knowledge of Indian mythology, so on and so forth. The magical world created in each story is an ingenious work.

Each story makes you think and entertains you at the same time. It is a perfect book for young readers by a young reader, herself. If you are thinking of which book to introduce to your kids, this seems an apt choice.

About the Author:


1) Ideated, organized and implemented successful summer camps in our apartment for younger child – coverage in the newspaper (link toTheHindu MylaporeTimes)
2) Led an anti-bullying campaign in her school to teach younger children
3) Stood school first in International English Olympaid 2016 and won a gold medal
4) Gave a radio interview on Children’s day as a 2nd grader –
5) Won 1st prize in Dancing at KidsToWork day talent show at PayPal office

9 Chocolatey Bites - cover 1_Rev6.indd9 ChocolateyBites_Flyer_v3

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