Book Review: Promises of a Firefly -by Anupam Patra

Like a number of pearls, not being of exact same size being held through a single string; a string that makes the best assortment and gets entitled to be claimed as a beautiful necklace. This description seems to be too apt for this book by Anupam Patra.

Promises of a Firefly, is a collection of eleven short stories that keep you devoted to the writing till the end. It is not about a single story overpowering the other; when you start reading them, a gradual mist of association wraps you up. The stories are of the most ordinary people, probably reacting in the most ordinary manner; the way you and I will, if being thrown into similar situations. What make these stories different are: the narration, a tinge of philosophy that keeps brimming up here and there and the possibility of understanding the people who surround us through these stories.

Each story has a strong protagonist with occasional shades of grey; maybe why they seem people next door. These are stories of fictional characters in the most realistic manner, these are stories of emotions, these are stories of subtle differences.

Seeing through Chinmay’s eyes to reminiscing memories of Javed’s past; this book will give you enough reasons to keep it aside for a while and just breathe. At times, you need a little more time to seep in the most basic information propelled at you.

Promises of a Firefly is that string I talked about, which carefully holds those tales and presents to us in a manner one can hardly resist.

Pride of a girl child; a love for the new born that gives a second chance; finding if Paribartana changed the lives outside; when being able to see equals to enlightenment etc. It’s about the unfulfilled promises, love that could not materialise, forgiveness and finding solace in those finite memories.

The Author not only has a good hold over his pen, but also has an eye for what goes around in the world. The writing seems to flow and take its own shape. A good and satisfying read.

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