Book Review: The Boy from Pataliputra-by Rahul Mitra

When you start reading a book, you expect it to hold you tight through the roller coaster of events that are going to unfurl in the later pages. You expect it to compel your imagination and make you believe every alphabet engraved.
Rahul Mitra, the author of the book has made an awe inspiring amalgamation of history and fiction. A story that starts by giving a backdrop of Alexander’s conquest; moves on to something that seems like a story of revenge. It slowly and gradually unfolds the transformation of the “Boy from Pataliputra”, Aditya. From being a carefree wanderer to becoming a well responsible, focused young man; it is a story of transformation, battles and new learning. It is a story of constant struggle of Aditya to seek a balanced and settled life in a war torn country, where invaders are ready to capture and claim everything. It is a story of rise of Bharatvarsha from a mere idea of Acharya Chanakya to the hundreds of believing students of Takshashila.
It leaves you with a lot of interesting characters that play their part appropriately in the story. From Pandi (guru) to Rishabh (friend), Tanku (the animated dhaba owner), Radha, Devika, twins etc. Not once you would feel unrelated to these characters. When these characters are interacting with your intellect, the author throws the real historical characters like Chanakya, Charak, Chandragupta etc inter playing with the above mentioned fictional characters.
This book with its mesmerising story-line and strong characters will keep you hooked till the last page. Rahul Mitra has done an exceptional job in telling a profound story with simplicity and ease. It is not easy to play with historical events and knit a story around it. The author seems to have researched well and it shows through the book.The_Book

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