A Scorned Prophecy..


A claim they professed, for what seemed just
To oppress them not, affirming a must.
We mocked, ridiculed them in dry humour
And doomed them further,
leaving no hope sooner.

Their rightful voice resonated once again; but disregarded
Granted reservations, believed ‘twas sufficient
They struggled to climb the ladder without rungs
We shoved them hefty;
Elite, we were-a prevalent thought.

No hubbub marked this time, this epoch;
Aah! they finally competed along
And that was that, I suppose; for what came after was a filth-full approach
Why shall we share, they deserve not a penny
For we will continue to oppress, so what if it’s a felony.

Remember a thing or two,
Oppressing will brew up our descent, long due.
It’s a vicious circle comrades!
For an unwritten rule,
The oppressed will rise someday to oppress the new.

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