The Casteist Hypocrites.


the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

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Before I begin, I want you all to read an article written by Karan Thapar in Hindustan Times 21st August, 2016 edition (the link is provided below)

The debate on Dalits in Parliament shows how little we care

What is development of a Nation? Is it only related to infrastructure and economy? Have we ever tried to understand the true meaning of development? Is it not much more important to solve the issues at home than being an ostrich?

Development of any country starts by unification of its people. We talk about Hindu-Muslim unification when the ground reality is that we are unable to unify the Hindus themselves. Various castes, sub-castes openly fire words against each other and that is not all recent; it’s just reported more often these days. We have long ago attained the political liberty but a long way ahead for social freedom. Somewhere in our joy of being free (i.e. Independence since 15th August, 1947) which still lingers on, the social justice seems lost and forgotten. Whenever elections come up, a sudden pseudo-urge for social justice turns up from nowhere and ebbs by the end of the same. Am I trying to blame the politicians? No; because politicians come from us, they aren’t different from us. They too are a product of the society we live in, they represent us, they are mere reflections of our beliefs. Development is integration, we have been long divided and we already know the outcome. Development is as much linked with the progress of society as foundation is to a building. Without a solid foundation, a building is doomed to fall; similarly, a progressive society builds nation and lays the foundation of development.

Many scholars around us would disagree with the ongoing outrage of lower castes claiming that the same discrimination used to happen before as well, then why sudden angst. To them-It’s not sudden, every wrong doing is borne till you cannot anymore and same is the case here.

We have different arguments presented that it’s a sham, done to lessen the popularity of the government, why it did not occur before and why now. To them- Does not coming up and speaking for the rights and freedom before, disqualify them to speak now? What kind of a logic is that?

The whole fact of Hindus being Casteists was further reinforced by a recent happening. Let us give a look:

Cheap: Sindhu’s caste most searched on big G!

As PV Sindhu has been  qualifying rounds in Olympics badminton women’s singles, people searching her on the big Google have been increasing. According to the search engine major most searched athlete has been PV Sindhu followed by Sakshi Malik, Srikanth Kidambi, Dipa Karmakar, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Vinesh Phogat, Lalita Babar, Vikas Yadav and Narsing Yadav. Indians searched about Badminton followed by wrestling in the last couple of weeks.

In the last week or so people started searching most for Sindhu and her caste. Ever since Sindhu reached Semis this madness peaked and in August alone 9 lakh people searched for Sindhu’s caste. Sadly, people from AP and Telangana only searched for Sindhu’s caste.    


What we finally need to do and by ‘we’ I mean each one of us, is to stop being proud/ashamed of our castes. Are we really going to give something so petty, this much attention? We need to stop all this fuss about higher castes, what we have inherited (which is forced upon us) and not earned is nothing to be proud of. We shall make our own identities by our work and behaviour. We shall stand and develop the minds of our own. A society that is free from all the misconceptions, is a progressive society and only a progressive society leads to development. Stop discriminating and do not be a part of people who discriminate.

End Casteism, to develop and to surpass all the economies.

3 thoughts on “The Casteist Hypocrites.

  1. Gaurav

    It will take time for a nation who has served as slave for about 400 years to come forward and liberate itself again .Its everywhere in the world,social systems take time to change and every civilisation has witnessed crimes and violence at its peak during this era of start of a change.In a mixed population where one part is developing a liberal outlook and the other part is still being stereotype,the former always faces oppression.Democracy belongs to both.I believe we are in those tough times of a changing civilisation.


  2. It will take time for a nation who has served 400 years as slave to liberate itself and get align with modern day outlook.It takes time to change the existing social systems and it’s everywhere in the world.Every civilisation has witnessed crimes and violence at its peak during this era of change.We have two nations these days ,one who is trying to change and one who is still stereotype,democracy belongs to both.And the former will always feel the oppression.Caste system was based on either the work of individual or the name which they got from their fore father’s..But we lost all the rationales behind all those systems during the slavery era and started taking the systems as it is .Now the people are again have stared studying the systems not just follow it as it is and i believe we are in that era of chaging civilisation now which would be very violent and tough.


    1. Every change needs time, I agree; but the point made here is not to question that span of time. Time in itself cannot bring change, it only weakens the amount of willingness to change. By my post, i only want to urge people to get up and do something about it. I want to question the comfort we all are living in, I want the society around me to be a little more tolerant, I want people to be more humane than profane. Life is short, I do not know what difference we can make but trying with full might seems the only solution. we all are aware and have seen how the wrong interpretation of a religion can cause outright destruction, so the time is now. It is the need of the hour to be more adjusting in our head and follow humanity.

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