Who writes, is not a writer.

It was another rainy day and whatever time I could take out to actually think and analyse my current scenario, made me sink further more in my sorrows. It was dismal and the whole monotony around, made it look much worse. Not that I was complaining at any given point, it was all an aftermath of my own set of decisions. What great loss of those golden years, sigh. I exclaimed; only if these realisations could change the era that has dawned upon me. Am I sounding a little too negative? Well, over-optimism has its own fall outs; the subsequent pessimism being one.

Whenever these thoughts muddle up my squeaky, uncontrollable brain; it becomes inevitable to write them down. This process of jotting down sheer randomness that tangles the electric signals in my head doesn’t take long; maybe because I always end up with no thoughts or at times, with no more words to describe. I seldom ask myself, if I too am capable of writing those long blogs or stories or articles that I read which fascinate me so much; maybe some day. The point made here is not my inability to do so but, a simple fact that I am not a writer. I write when I feel like, I write to let my thoughts go away and I write to sleep peacefully.

Writing articles, journos and all that insights-gyan more like in the form of a blog; will never be enough to qualify anyone as a writer. A writer is someone who can write any given content, any time, without referring to a creative block. A writer is one who will think a million times over a petty article and the one who can casually write a highly content-full piece without much of a thought. Basically someone, who is aware of his/her flair and can trust instincts; who believes in his/her hand and mind coordination. A writer can constantly write without a much ado about what time of the day it is; it’s the passion that drives, it’s the eagerness to pen down that thrives. Whether it is Tolstoy, Gibran, Yeats, Coelho, Eco, Tagore or my new found love for a Hindi writer named Nikhil Sachan; these are heroes of writing, pioneers in their own manner. Immense respect to be shown for the writers and also those who write, because without writing you cannot become a writer as who is a writer without writing.

Hence, I am not a writer nor will ever be. I write to let my thoughts out and never return, I write to make my soul damage-free.

I am the one who writes but who is not a writer.

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