A feeling, less complicated..

Written over a year ago,

They had been chatting, talking over phone but could not meet each other for quite some time after letting the feelings known. The geographical distance wasn’t much, but the moment had yet to come and when it came, it brought a lot of nervousness and excitement.

She was frantically searching her cupboard to find a single good dress, all that wanting to look her best; to make his eyes dazzle. She was laughing on her new found feeling, it seemed so unreal. How she always displayed composure and calmness and here she was, chuckling and hopping for no particular reason. She did not want to overdo as well and finally decided to tone down her appearance. Picked up a black sweater, matched it with a pair of denims and that was that; ‘one must not look so desperate’, she repeated.

She arrived at the place where they both agreed to meet, her eyes searching for him in the crowd. He had been standing in the corner watching her trying to find him, it felt surreal to look at her. He came from behind, startling her completely. All the joy that she was hiding within could only make her giggle unnecessarily, she knew she was behaving like a child but she didn’t care. On the other hand, he too was an expert at being poise and calm but here he was, unable to hide his sparkling smile out of immense pleasure.

Finally, they both found each other, found true love, found what they were devoid of all these years but, for good.

He took her hand and looked into her eyes with such subtlety that everything else got blurred, he finally let his heart out and she stood spellbound. She was already his and he understood. He seemed almost out of a fairy-tale to her while she became a part of his realism.

Yes, he was a dream she was living and she was a reality he was dreaming.

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